Waste to Electricity Plant

The power generated in the biogas plant can be utilized for any type of off-grid application. No external power is required to run the plant. The electricity generation through conventional methods like coal, diesel, nuclear and hydro power is a costly affair. Severe environmental problems arise when electricity is produced by conventional methods.

The generation of electricity using Biowaste treatment plant is not a costly concern. The installation cost of the project is high but the recurring expenses will not be substantial for the operation of the plant. In the plant, biogas is being generated everyday through anaerobic fermentation of waste.

Normally 1 - 1.5 kilo watt electricity can be produced from 1 cum biogas. Depending upon the percentage of methane content in biogas, the power generation may slightly vary. The generator size varies depending upon the biogas produced per day. Water scrubber is used to remove Hydrogen Sulphide, Moisture etc

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