Kaveish Bioenergy offers consultancy services for institutions and also individual who wish to implement Bio energy Projects like Biowaste to Electricity, Bio waste to Cooking gas, Night Soil to Electricity in large scale. Consultancy will be provided across the globe.

Project Feasibility

After studying the waste availability, nature of wastes, examination of the soil conditions and availability of transport facilities at the site our technical team will give advice and Instructions to the beneficiaries for selecting suitable types of waste treatment plant to be set up.

Project Reports

Project reports will be prepared and furnished to the customers for the implementation of Biowaste treatment programmes after the feasibility study conducted by our technical team.

Project Implementation

Our Company have sufficient technical expert team for the implementation of the projects. After completing the construction, the treatment plant is made to run and Bioenergy schemes are handed over to the beneficiaries.

Research and Development

Kaveish Bioenergy is involved in regular R & D to make the Biowaste treatment suitable for all types of people. We have been engaged in designing new portable domestic biogas plants to make it more affordable to customers. With our skilled research team we have been able to design and implement large scale Biowaste treatment plants in cost effective manner.

Our domestic and institutional units are designed in such a way that it can be installed in a minimum space compared with other existing models in the field.

With the proper utilization of bio gas and treated solid and liquid bio manure the maximum payback period will be 24 to 36 months.

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