Plasma Gasification

Plasma cracking is the process of disintegrating molecules into its ionized (plasma) state by bombarding it with high energy electrons / ions. High energy ions are produced by Passing molecules / atoms through electrical arc.

After achieving its ionic state, the plasma ambience will comprise of C, O and H ions. The most stable molecules formations at this stage/ temperature are Carbon monoxide and Hydrogen. Hence the product gas is a mixture of CO and H2.

Every waste comprises of C, O, H and other inorganic compounds. Hence the gas purely Comprises of CO and H2. The slag will comprise of silica, inert compounds and metal. Since there is no formation or existence of cyclic compound in the product gas, chances of formation of toxins are remote. Hence this technology is the only technology to Dispose waste, hazardous or non hazardous, in safest way.

The system will comprise of a material handling system to push the un-segregated waste thru a pipe, from ground hopper into the plasma cracker. The pusher system will be Pneumatic/ hydraulic.

The cracker shell is insulated from inside with refractory material to retain maximum energy and thus helps in attaining the plasma state very fast. The electrodes are cheap and made up of carbon and graphite. The changing of electrode shall be very easy and can be done within 15 minutes.

The product gas is made to pass through carbon sieve to get rid of any nascent oxygen and then thru catalytic converter to break any hydrocarbon if present. The bottom bed is a rotary type to move the slag into the quenching water bath / seal. A scrapper scraps away the slag out of the bed automatically.

The product gas is a fuel of calorific value ranging from 2500-2800Kcal/NM3.

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