Bio CNG Plant

Organic Waste such as cattle dung, food and vegetable wastes, human waste, press mud, sago waste water have been one of the main energy sources for the mankind since the dawn of civilization. There is a vast scope to convert these energy sources into biogas.

Biogas production is a clean low carbon technology for efficient management and conversion of fermentable organic wastes into clean cheap & versatile fuel and bio/organic manure. It has the potential for leveraging sustainable livelihood development as well as tackling local and global land, air and water pollution. Biogas obtained by anaerobic digestion of cattle dung and other loose & leafy organic wastes can be used as an energy source for various applications namely, cooking, heating, space cooling/ refrigeration, electricity generation and gaseous fuel for vehicular application.

The purity of biogas is more than 90% Methane and compressed to 150 bar pressure for filling in cylinders. The purified biogas is filled in CNG cylinder and supplied to mid-day meal scheme, mess, Hotel, industries etc. for various purposes such as cooking & heating etc. Calorific value of purified biogas is equivalent / similar to CNG. As a matter of fact, the biogas bottling plants are one of the most potent tools for mitigating climatic change by preventing black carbon emission from biomass Chula since biogas is used as a cooking fuel and methane emissions from untreated cattle dung and organic wastes are also avoided.

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