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About us

Kaveish Bioenergy a Company registered under Companies Act, 1956 with registered office in Pondicherry, South India. The company focuses mainly on Bio-Waste Management such as waste to energy projects for domestic as well as institutions. The company is engaged in developing portable domestic biogas plant from 0.5 cum to 6 cum depending upon the waste available in households.

We Focus on the reason for your Visit

In present scenario Waste elimination is the biggest hassle for all developed and developing countries. There are very few service providers in the country that focuses on the customer requirement in terms of waste to energy projects. We primarily focus on the need for energy generation from all types of waste like hazardous wastes, medical waste, food waste, MSW, plastics ,rubber etc.

Why Choose us

Our company has sufficient skilled and experienced technical personnel and infra-structural facilities to undertake all domestic, industrial and commercial projects. Our company renders consultancy services for the preparation of projects, takes up feasibility studies, makes site visits and carries out project implementation and awareness programme. One stop solution for all waste to energy projects.

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